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My journey on the path of light began when a close friend told me about Yeshua, the original name of Jesus. I had never heard his name said like that before, and it sparked a deep curiosity within me. I began to research everything I could about Yeshua, and the more I learned, the more drawn I felt to him.

Through prayer and research, I also came to understand that Yeshua’s mother, Mary, was an embodiment of Sophia, our Divine Mother. Sophia is the Holy Spirit of the Trinity, and she has been with God from the beginning. She is the wisdom and the love that we all need.

I was shocked to learn that Sophia’s presence has been hidden from us by the early Church Fathers, who changed the Bible to remove her. They did this because they wanted to create a patriarchal religion with a single male God.

But Sophia is too powerful to be hidden forever. She is calling to us now, and she is helping us to awaken to the truth.

I am on a journey to bring Sophia back into my life, my spirit, and my soul. I am also on a journey to help others find their way to Sophia.

I believe that Sophia is the key to our spiritual liberation.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Let us find the truth for ourselves and bring Sophia back into the world.

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1 season 7 episodes First episode published on Nov 13, 2023